Zabbix Conference LatAm 2018.

Get ready! The biggest Latin American event about Zabbix is coming!

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Zabbix Conference LatAm 2018

The 2nd Edition of the biggest event in Latin America, the Zabbix Conference LatAm 2018, will take place in Porto Alegre-RS. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss and learn more about Zabbix in an ecosystem of knowledge!

Learn & Discover

Hear and see series of presentations, technical sessions and live demos, backed with bright ideas, interesting solutions and unique projects, presented by speakers having years of experience in the IT industry.

Explore Zabbix from Different Angles & Find Answers

Join in-depth discussions with our development team, our most passionate fans and advanced users to find the most incredible and unexpected solutions for your Zabbix installation, utilization and adaptation.

Socialize & Enhance Networking

Zabbix philosophy is all about community interaction, knowledge exchanging and sharing. The key force for development is a strong networking and uninterrupted communication with community members. Meet your associates face-to-face, discover with new like-minded people and build new connections.

Why Attend Zabbix Conference LatAm 2018?


Zabbix is one of the most popular monitoring solutions in the world. Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America monitor millions of devices using Zabbix. It was simply a matter of time to organize a conference exclusively dedicated to the Zabbix solution, its customers and large community.

Zabbix Conference LatAm 2018 is the second annual conference to be organized outside location of Zabbix offices in Riga and Tokyo. We plan to see biggest Zabbix customers, most active community members, many of Zabbix partners joining Zabbix Conference LatAm.

The event should become a central place for sharing experience, gaining new skills and knowledge, obtaining professional links and contacts, broadening understanding of monitoring capabilities and potential achievements.

How was the Zabbix Conference LatAm 2016?

“Everyone can follow the same things, see the same talks and discuss the issues together in the Coffees break, in the walks and other activities involved in the Zabbix Conference. Congratulations to the organization, I hope to be here at the next event.”

Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho


“Everyone is well satisfied with the event, I’m personally very impressed with the quality of the presentations, with the quality of the speakers, the agenda looks really fantastic. People are interacting a lot. The business cases that are being presented are really very interesting.”

Alessandro Silva

Red Hat

“Actually the environment here is very good, Unirede, Luciano, has managed to bring the same environment of Riga to here, Porto Alegre. The same type of event, the fun-stuff and coffee break time for networking. It make the community grow.”

Gabriel Branco

“The experience of attending the first Zabbix Conference for Latin America was fantastic. The event managed to focus the Zabbix community of Brazil, showing how strong the community is and how much the solution has developed here in the country.”

Victor Onório

Alerta Security

“The event is being very cool, I already had the opportunity to be present at two Zabbix Conference in Riga, which is the oldest Zabbix Conference, and the event here is following exactly the same pattern from there.”

Adail Horst


“I’m very happy to be here, here in Brazil where we have the largest Community of Zabbix user in the world. It’s a Great event, I’m so excited to see so many people coming from different parts of Brazil, from different parts of Latino America.”

Alexei Vladishev

Zabbix SIA

“I’m going to leave here with several ideas to do, I’ll get to work putting into practice many examples that I saw here with my friends and it was worth it. Thank you Unirede, thank you Zabbix.”

Fabio Santos


“I would like to congratulate the entire Unirede team and all those who participated in the organization of the Event. The event was very cool, a great exchange of experiences. I am sure it was an opportunity for professionals from many areas to exchange experiences and knowledge.”

Norberto Rozas


“I recommend the upcoming events from Zabbix Conference LatAm. You must to invest and attend it, is worth it. It is an immersion of ideas and exchange of knowledge with specialists in Zabbix. I recommend the event to everyone!”

Jorge Pretel


“I’m really enjoying the presentations, I like to listen a little more about the technical part, which is not my area, but, adds a lot. I appreciate the opportunity to participate and exchange information with the other participants, doing a good networking.”

Flavia Santos


“I chose the Zabbix Fan package because Zabbix brought me a lot of gratification at work, brought me some charge promotions. I really like the tool, it has helped me a lot. The community is also very cool, I think the work of Alexei and the whole team of Zabbix is very good. Of all the Open Source tools available today, Zabbix is the most complete.”

Edgar Delgado

Zabbix Fan

“I had a very expressive gain my professional life with Zabbix, since 2008, when I started using the tool. The Conference is amazing, high level presentations, and, for who could not participate, could see the videos of the presentations in Zabbix’s channel at youtube.”

Janssen Lima


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